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Important Information about Exchange Transition

The eHealth Exchange is transitioning from an ONC program initiative to Healtheway, Inc. effective October 1, 2012. Healtheway is assuming responsibility for receiving and processing applications for participation and facilitating testing on this date.

  • Healtheway is updating the Application for Participation and will require all new applicants to submit that form once it is approved by the Exchange Coordinating Committee (CC)
    • If your organization has already been deemed by the Exchange Coordinating Committee as "eligible to participate", you do not have to submit a new application.
    • If your organization has completed an application for participation already, but your organization has not yet been deemed "eligible", you will be asked to submit the new application form.
  • More details regarding the new testing process will be forthcoming from Healtheway.

Going forward, questions regarding the on boarding and testing process should be directed to

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